Creating a Garment

Creating an individual Babylamb Shearling garment is a little like making a hand-built automobile, compared to  a mass produced vehicle coming off an assembly line.  We refer to this process as "Commercial Craft", as the craftsmanship involved is highly skilled and relies much more on the skill of the person rather than on any specialised machinery.  Only the experienced human brain can cope with all the variances and handling techniques involved in making a consistently high quality garment from a variety of natural materials.

Every Knight's Babylamb Shearling garment is fully drycleanable, but only by an experienced and reputable suede and leather cleaner.
Before any process can take place, the individual skins to make one garment (normally 30 skins) must be matched for colour, wool type and texture. The secret of Knight's Craftsmanship is to take this inconsistent Raw material (selected by nature, not by man) and convert it into a consistent individual garment.